Reunited at Last

In 2010, Miguel showed up at the door of ANEW Place. He was desperate, tired, and scared.  He had just fled religious oppression and torture in his home country and found his way to us, not knowing a lick of English or if his family was even still alive. He was in absolute survival mode.  Acknowledging he was finally safe, Miguel started working with ANEW Place staff to get himself situated in this new community.

He soon began learning English and got a full time job to start saving money for his future. Three years later, in 2013, Miguel received the news that his family was alive! He immediately began sending money back home and started taking steps to bring his family to safety here in the United States.

Thanks to the help of countless community partners who became part of his story, the caring and dedicated staff at ANEW Place, and his own devotion to his family, Miguel’s faith that he would see his family again was revitalized.

“I don’t know what I would have done without this place, what I would have done with my life. I may have had to just forget about my family. When I move out, I want to be a volunteer or bring food.  You have done so much for me, I want to be a partner of ANEW.”

Now six years later, through many community donations that ranged from car seats to plane tickets, we were able, as a community, to bring his family to American soil for the first time. Thanks to a local church, we have even been able to find a space for the family to stay until they are able to find their own housing. Through tears, laughter, and moments of sacred silence, Miguel was reunited with his family last week and they are now beginning to rewrite their story together.

It has been an honor to enter into Miguel’s story, seeing him through the ups and the downs, and believing with him through the moments of doubt and the persevering faith.  Investing in his story has given us at ANEW the opportunity to see firsthand the hope that rises out of the ashes.

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