A New Year, ANEW Leaf


The beginning of a New Year is a rare time that unites people across time zones because of how it provides the collective opportunity for a clean slate.  Many look forward to the New Year in hopes of turning over a new leaf.  While life circumstances don’t magically change for the better when the clocks strikes midnight, for many, there is a shift in our thinking, a sliver of hope, and a newfound courage to take the necessary steps toward change.

And for the first time since ANEW Place implemented our unique 4-phase program, the transitional housing phase called ANEW Leaf, is full!  We now have eight men and women who are actively moving toward their rewritten futures.  These courageous ones have maintained steady employment, are practicing financial stability, and are increasing in their confidence, connections, and competencies as they build toward their new futures.

This particular phase of our program is one-of-a-kind in our community.  During this 3rd phase, our guests pay a program fee, which goes into a rental buffer fund and set aside for them.  We enroll them in a rental education course and we seek to pair them with a community mentor.  This phase is a vital step in altering the angle of their life’s trajectory, ensuring their future destinations are met with success.

Bridgette, one of our guests about to graduate ANEW Leaf and move onto ANEW Life, recently expressed:

“I am really grateful for everything ANEW Place has done for me.  Without you guys, I wouldn’t be alive right now, and that’s the honest truth.  You’ve been so nurturing and supportive, even through my temper tantrums, and I’m truly so blessed and grateful for you all.”

For us at ANEW, the feeling is mutual.  We have been blessed and grateful for having Bridgette in our lives.  We have watched her takes steps forward and backward, we have helped her through seasons of doubt, and we have smelled her cooking as garlic takes over the kitchen, and yet she has reminded us why ANEW exists – to help folks like Bridgette find a future full of hope and success. 


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