ANEW Season

People matter. These two words have echoed in my mind these past few weeks as I’ve thought about ourkp head shot
neighbors who’ve been pushed to the fringe of society and feel like they’ve been forgotten by God. They matter. They matter to God. They should matter to me. I don’t just want to join the conversation- I want to join a solution.

When the board of directors of ANEW Place approached me about the Executive Director role, I knew this was a unique opportunity. I had partnered with ANEW for over six years. I believe in the Vision and Values. I believe in the Process. I believe in the Team of staff and volunteers. I believe if Jesus were physically present in 2017 Burlington, ANEW is attempting what he would be doing. I knew I could walk out the door of my home each morning confident I am giving my time, energy, and resources to something that matters, because people matter.

It’s an understatement to say these last few years have been game-changing for ANEW Place. Through Valerie Brosseau’s leadership ANEW has fine-tuned its vision and values, revamped its processes, and become an innovative organization offering a holistic continuum of services for the homeless. ANEW has become more than an organization. ANEW has grown into a community where people who often feel forgotten can come as they are and start anew. Valerie has put more time and energy into this than we will ever know, and that’s why I’m humbled that this trusted friend is willing to pass the baton to me.

To those of you who already partner with ANEW Place- thank you. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you.

To those of you who are considering ANEW Place- welcome. I hope you will join our team as we seek to be a solution.

I’m excited to see what God has in store as we enter ANEW Season.

Kevin Pounds
Executive Director
ANEW Place

Join us for our ANEW Season Event on May 24.


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