Common Ground

We can easily forget we are more alike than we are different. Sometimes it’s something as weighty as a dad desiring to spend quality time with his children.  Sometimes something lighter like enjoying a bike ride on a sunny summer day. Sometimes it’s a conversation about someone struggling forward through their brokenness and their need for grace. This is powerful common ground: shared desires, shared joys, shared brokenness, and a shared experience of grace. While standing on this common ground … read more

ANEW Season

People matter. These two words have echoed in my mind these past few weeks as I’ve thought about our neighbors who’ve been pushed to the fringe of society and feel like they’ve been forgotten by God. They matter. They matter to God. They should matter to me. I don’t just want to join the conversation- I want to join a solution. When the board of directors of ANEW Place approached me about the Executive Director role, I knew this was a … read more