The New Face of ANEW Place

ANEW Place Welcomes New Program Director ANEW Place is thrilled to announce the addition of Colchester resident, Mike Shaughnessy to our team of individuals dedicated to providing a holistic continuum of services for homeless adults in our community. Mike recently held the role of Youth Development Coordinator at Spectrum Youth and Family Services, where he worked extensively with homeless youth in the Burlington area. Mike has a passion for working with underserved populations and has a strong background in human … read more

Volunteer Highlight: Micha Loeffler

Q: What did you want to be when you were a kid? (Rockstars count!) A: For a long time I was fascinated with fire trucks and fire men. When I was in kindergarten, we went on a class trip to the local fire department. They let us climb all over the fire trucks and sit inside them. This so impressed me that it stuck in my head for a long time. Fast forward to my early twenties. One day I … read more

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

The importance of educating ourselves about the problems that face many members of our community becomes even more prevalent as the winter months approach Burlington, Vermont. Soon the ground will be covered in inches of ice, the air will be frigid and there will still be people who are sleeping on the street. The face that is commonly associated with the homeless condition is that of a troubled older man. Even though that may be one face that has been … read more

Volunteer Highlight: Nichol’e Bessette

What did you want to be when you were a kid? When I was a child I wanted to be a police officer or a homicide detective! I always saw myself as a princess, but I knew that would only be an internal job! What is your favorite Celebration?  My favorite holiday would have to be Valentines Day.  The Day of Love.  Its not only about intimate relationships but for everyone.  Just a day to say hey I love and … read more

Serving the People of ANEW Place

“Fixing and helping create a distance between people, but we cannot serve at a distance. We can only serve that to which we are profoundly connected.”- Rachel Naomi Remen (Helping, Fixing or Serving?) There is an incredible difference that can be seen between the ideas of fixing, helping and serving. Working in the helping field, it is highly possible that we run into ‘fixers’ on a daily basis. This means, that a ‘fixer’ feels responsible for others, and wants to … read more

Movies at Mainstreet Landing

In Burlington, the cost of living is so high and more often than not, many people do not have much expendable income to put towards the frivolities that we all enjoy. In a city full of creative, progressively minded individuals it may come as no surprise that there are inexpensive activities to take part in if your expendable income is extremely limited. One program that is a light in the darkness when it comes to the Tuesday night funk, is … read more

Hometown Heroes

An essential part to the success of the programs at ANEW Place are the volunteers that help to support our guests. Creating an environment in which our guests feel supported and are motivated to strive towards their goals are where our evening volunteers come in to play. The Evening Volunteers provide support and encouragement to all guests through relationships and positive reinforcement of good choices. Two of our volunteers that have stood out as unique individuals are the mother and … read more

BES Announces NEW NAME!

ANEW Place, formerly the Burlington Emergency Shelter, is thrilled to announce their new name! In 2014, the shelter embarked upon a full rebranding process with field experts Mark and Lisa Sylvester of Interrobang Design Collaborative, Inc. in Richmond, Vermont. Over the last several years, the organization has undergone several exciting, new changes while continuing to offer innovative solutions that address the needs of the whole person. The new name, logo, and language was released at their 11th Annual Fundraising Gala on … read more

$10,000 in Underwriting Support for Upcoming Gala Fundraiser

Our 11th Annual Fundraising Gala is around the corner, and the Burlington Emergency Shelter (BES) is buzzing with excitement as we busily prepare to make this our finest, most successful Gala yet! Our Gala has historically been one of our largest fundraisers, and its success is crucial to the continuation of our innovative programming and support services. Underwriters are essential sponsors of this event, and are particularly excited to announce that, for the very first time, we have secured a Title … read more

Premiere Fashion Event to hit Burlington

We are pleased to announce Vintage Fashion at High Tea, a premiere event to benefit the Burlington Emergency Shelter on November 10, 2013 at 2:00 pm at the DoubleTree Hotel’s Garden Ballroom in Burlington.  This live, antique fashion show will showcase Lorette Sousie’s private collection featuring 27 local models wearing over 75 fashions from the 1890’s through the 1980’s.It will be a relaxing afternoon, reminiscent of a bygone era with stunning fashions from the Turn of the Century.  Participants will … read more