Mission & Values

Our mission is to provide a holistic continuum of services for the homeless, centered in love and dignity, that foster growth, cultivate community engagement, and provide tools for lifelong change so that each person may start anew.

We envision a community in which love and dignity break down the barriers facing the homeless so that each person, no matter their history, has the opportunity to start anew.

Love and Dignity | We believe that all people deserve dignity and respect. We provide a diverse, welcoming environment, free of judgment and full of compassion, for those who need it most.

Holistic Support | We believe in valuing the whole person. We emphasize all areas of wellness including social, mental, physical, spiritual, relational, and occupational to support health and growth.

Community Engagement | We believe that thriving people come from a thriving community. We connect guests with our community-wide network of resources, creating continued partnerships for shared growth.

Tools for Change | We believe all people can change. We create unique paths for positive, lifelong change and equip each person with the tools to get there.

Learn about our process.

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