Our Work Rebranded

The organization which was founded in 1982 as Burlington Emergency Shelter, began originally as a temporary home, providing immediate relief for homeless individuals.  Learn more about our history HERE. Over the years, our programs expanded beyond temporary relief to foster growth, and provide tools so that each homeless individual could make steps towards lifelong change.  With the evolution toward more innovative strategies to leave homelessness behind, it became increasingly apparent that we were outgrowing our old name.  In 2014, with the input of community members, our guests whom we serve, and the expertise of the awesome team at Interrobang Design, we embarked upon a rebranding process.

The result, which was officially announced at our Gala Fundraiser on May 9, 2014 is our new name:



What’s behind the name and design?

Most of our guests come to us at a low point in life, at a time of crisis and hardship, feeling alone and often forgotten.  We meet them where they are, no matter their history, free of judgment and offer support, love, and dignity.  During their stay with us, a transformation of hope and positive change begins and each person leaves ANEW.

The beautiful logo design, by Interrobang Design echoes this journey of transformation, starting at a low point and reaching higher – beyond the past, beyond the history, towards a new future.

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