Our goal this Christmas: $2500 in new  Story Shaper giving.

New Story Shaper Giving

One year ago ANEW Place put out the call for our partners, neighbors, and friends to consider becoming Story Shapers.  The response was amazing with $7500 of monthly Story Shaper support that in many ways changed the trajectory of our organization. ANEW Place has moved from surviving to thriving, as we’ve continued developing our staff team and increasing the intentionality of our programs and processes. Most importantly, your monthly Story Shaper support enables  our guests to rewrite their stories.

One of those guests is David.  After battling addiction and losing everything, he decided to move into ANEW Place. At first he struggled and was even dismissed following repeated relapses. We provided a path back, and he took full advantage of it. After completing a 30 day inpatient recovery program, he re-entered ANEW Place with a renewed sense of faith and focus. Over these past five months David has proven to be one of ANEW’s “all-stars”- maintaining sobriety, finding full-time employment, while helping two other guests also find employment. This past month he joined our ANEW Leaf transitional housing program and is on track to move into his own place in five months.


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