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the tools to move out of crisis and
into lifelong sustainability.
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Those facing mental health challenges
Those working to overcome past addictions
Those facing medical problems and life-long disabilities
Victims of domestic violence
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Our Latest News

The sun was setting beautifully outside the windows of the Burlington International Airport while competitors excitedly trickled in, registering for their chance to win the title of 2016 Rock Paper Scissors Tournament Champion. In additional to dozens of spectators, over 65 contestants came out to battle it out individually and on teams. Contestants moved past registration with their Swag Bags in hand, courtesy of our generous event contributors, to purchase the additional lives they would need to keep them alive … read more

In 2010, Miguel showed up at the door of ANEW Place. He was desperate, tired, and scared.  He had just fled religious oppression and torture in his home country and found his way to us, not knowing a lick of English or if his family was even still alive. He was in absolute survival mode.  Acknowledging he was finally safe, Miguel started working with ANEW Place staff to get himself situated in this new community. He soon began learning English … read more