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Those facing mental health challenges
Those working to overcome past addictions
Those facing medical problems and life-long disabilities
Victims of domestic violence
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Dear Friends and Partners, It’s impossible for me to walk through the Christmas season without reflecting on the roots of ANEW Place.  As some of you may know, in 1982 a group of community members from local area churches had the idea of forming what was then Burlington Emergency Shelter because they believed God cared deeply about those on the fringe of our community who felt forgotten.  

We can easily forget we are more alike than we are different. Sometimes it’s something as weighty as a dad desiring to spend quality time with his children.  Sometimes something lighter like enjoying a bike ride on a sunny summer day. Sometimes it’s a conversation about someone struggling forward through their brokenness and their need for grace. This is powerful common ground: shared desires, shared joys, shared brokenness, and a shared experience of grace. While standing on this common ground … read more