Our Programs


ANEW Start | Caring community for a new beginning.

Our first program of entry is ANEW Start.  Here, each person comes as they are, bringing their story, their history, and all the ups and downs that brought them to our door.  They become part of our caring community, and a guest in our house.  We provide a safe haven with all basic needs met – a bed, a meal, a shower, a clean environment, and a family of support.  We offer love and dignity, without judgment for a new beginning.


ANEW Step | Support and skills for a new direction.

The second phase for those we serve is ANEW Step.  We complete an intensive assessment interview with each person to gain a full picture of their history and dreams for the future.  In a partnership between client and case manager, together we create a transition plan.  This plan is designed around a whole person approach, emphasizing all areas of wellness, including social, mental, physical, spiritual, relational, and occupational to support health and growth.

We discover what resources, skill areas, and supports are needed for each person to move forward.  We equip our guests with new tools for life and career development, and provide accountability and encouragement for the road ahead.  At any given time at ANEW Place, 75% of our guests are employed and working toward positive growth.

We connect guests with our community-wide network of resources, creating continued partnerships through volunteerism and collaboration.  We help guests to rebuild relationships with family and cultivate new, healthy connections in the community.  Thanks to the caring community in Burlington, we work with lots of amazing volunteers, partner agencies, employers, and friends whose support makes our work possible.  Find out how you can get involved here.


ANEW Leaf | Transitional housing for lifelong change.

In response to the problem of finding affordable housing in Burlington, we have created ANEW Leaf .  This 5-month phase is a transitional housing program, located in the upstairs portion of our house at 89 North Street.  Participants are paired with a community mentor, complete a renter education course, and practice financial stability by paying a program fee.  Each participant’s fee is placed in a personal rental risk reserve fund, which is set aside for them.  This program is designed to empower participants toward independence for lifelong change.  At the completion of the ANEW Leaf Program, each graduate is eligible for a Section 8 voucher and will move into their own apartment.


ANEW Life | Aftercare for continued growth.

The final phase of our continuum of care is the ANEW Life Program.  Once graduates of the ANEW Leaf Program move out into their own apartment, we provide continued support and case management for two full years of independent living.  During this period, if graduates have difficulty fulfilling their rent payments, their personal rental risk reserve fund can be drawn upon to cover payments.  This is the protection needed for each person to remain stably housed in the community.

As an added incentive, at the end of two years independently housed, graduates will receive all funds remaining in their personal rental risk reserve fund.


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